Letters from Our Happy Families

“We adopted “Baby” (we call her Sally) several weeks ago and are so very pleased with her. Sally goes shopping with us and enjoys riding in the seat of the cart. Of course, everyone admires her! In just a week, she learned to walk on a leash and enjoys going around the block in our neighborhood. She sleeps with us and enjoys the full run of the house. She’s a great girl and makes us very happy. She seems pretty happy herself. She has found her “Forever ” home!”

  • Hi Kate & Kelly,
    I have attached some pictures of Champ, now known as Gallagher.  He is a greeaaatttt dog & we absolutely love him to death!    His rottweiler brother and sister love him also; they love to play together.  Our corgi, who always wished she was an only dog, doesn’t pay him much attention, but Gallagher doesn’t seem to mind.
    Today he is here at work with me for 1/2 day.  He is so good in the office and gets to meet lots of people.  He has already been to downtown Boca for Ice cream, the dog beach in Venice where he played endlessly with a 5 month old yellow lab (it was his twin brother), a golf cart ride, and to work with me 3 x’s (everyone in my office wants him!). He also helps every morning with barn chores, and is great around the horses.  He is such a good boy.  Oh, and he is a total momma’s boy.  He follows me everywhere.  I think it was good my husband was away until Saturday; it gave Gallagher and I time alone to bond before my husband returned.  He already walks great on the
    leash, and knows to sit when I scuff my feet to stop (that has always been our cue for our other dogs).  We are now working on stay and down, but he is
    such a fast learner, I hope I can keep up with him. And he knows his name already.
    Thank you,  thank you, thank you for choosing me to be Gallaghers mom! We
    are having such a good time.

  • dusty_and_her_new_mom
    “We arrived home a little while ago, and even though I knew I was in love before I left you in Estero–I am totally be-sotted now!!  She slept in my lap the whole way and then took me for a walk when we stopped at the pet store.   And was she a hit in there!!  The name-game vote in there was a bit wild but I am still leaning towards Punkin as that’s what I often called Cassie and it comes a little more naturally. We are getting to know each other and I plan to spend the next couple days/weeks/months/ years making sure she feels secure here and knows that I am going to be her Forever Mom.  She just wanted me to tell you how much she appreciates everything you did for her and that she will always love you and your family. Thanks again–I KNOW I won the lottery!!”

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Hunter_editedHunter was a dream all the way home. Once we arrived, he moved right in and took over the house. One time for the proper door for going out for breaks, and he goes to that door and sits. He’s either laidout by my chair or next to Rachael, no problem with anyone or thing. This am was our first walk at 0540, he was more than ready. Very little work to heel properly, tongue was hanging at the end, but tail was wagging the whole way. Ate his breakfast, then right out for his poop break (he’s way too easy). Thanks again.


“Just wanted to update you on Bridgit (Be-Be) and say thank you for letting us adopt her.  She truly is the sweetest dog.  Our family is having a hard time grasping why someone would give her up, but we are sure glad that they did..  She is very full of love and kisses, and loves to snuggle and cuddle.  And she loves to play with Sophie.  They can not be apart from each other at all, or they sit and cry waiting for the other to come back..  Sophie is determined to teach Bridgit all she knows about barking, playing with toys, chewing bones, and hunting lizards (even though Bridgit currently thinks Sophie is off her rocker when she barks at a pile of grass with lizards in it).”

agnesHow do I ever say thank you enough…  my sweet little Agnes is home at last.  The ride was long but spent looking at the sweet little sleeping face of Agnes.  She curled up on a little cushion on the console of the car and snoozed all of the way home, waking up only once in a while for a scratch on the tummy.
She is still quite buzy wandering around her new home and exploring everything.  She met Ben a little while ago and they became instant friends, she follows him around easily walking under him and weaves in and out of his legs. Ben is crazy about her and she has brought out the puppy in an 11 year old lab.  We have been on several walks and she does fantastic on the leash. She seems to enjoy everyone she meets.  Did you know that she is a little “con-artist”? At dinner time she sits up on her hind legs for long periods of time while waving her little front paws with the hope that some food will come her way.  When she figures out that this didn’t work she flops down on the floor, rolls over on her back and then waves all four paws in the air……  what a little actress!!
Didn’t mean to go on and on but this little gal cannot be described in only a few words.. she is priceless!!  I hope that I can only make her as happy as she is making me…  I truly love her up to the sky… my heart is so happy..  I think hers is too…thank you for the match… you are so good at what you do.  Agnes sends her best, as do I.