Owner Release Form

If you are looking to surrender our own pet into our program:

We have limited foster homes available DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.

We require a completed owner surrender form and pictures of the pet.

Should your pet fit in our program and we have space someone will contact you to transfer ownership to rescue. This process may take several days.  

We urge you to investigate all possible options to keep the pet with the family.

NEVER place an on line ad for FREE TO A GOOD HOME as it is rarely a good home.  Most pets end up in dire circumstances such as used for fighting, bait, animal abuse and tortue, medical testing and worse.  They people may seem wonderful that is an act to get your pet.  An internet search for Craigs list Free pet will show you far too many horror stories, DON’T let allow that to be your family member’s fate. 

“With my Daughter facing possible foreclosure on her home, my heart and thoughts went immediately to her two poodles, a Standard and a Miniature, and what would happen to them.  Very fortunately, I phoned a very good Friend who spoke of Wee Waggin Rescue.  Kelly responded immediately to my Daughter and myself, and soon the poodles went to live with Kelly and Craig until they found for them their ‘forever homes’.  In these difficult times our Family is so grateful for Wee Waggin.  Our dear Furry Friends certainly have benefited from the caring Friends at Wee Waggin.  Thank you so much!”