What is the Best Hay for Guinea Pigs?

Hay is an essential part of a guinea pig’s diet. When provided as your pet needs together with water, you will be sure that your pet will be happy and healthy while under your care. Hay is also vital for your pet’s digestive health, as well as in maintaining a healthy chopper. Since hay contains other essential nutrients, offering it as your pet needs it will ensure that your cavy will enjoy an overall good health. However, not every available hay will provide the same benefits to your pet. To help you decide on how to choose the best guinea pig hay, read on.

Hay for Guinea Pigs

What Benefits Does Feeding Your Pet Guinea Pig with Hay Provide?

If it is your first time to have a cavy as a pet, you may not yet be fully aware of all the things that your pet needs to stay healthy and happy. This does not refer to the new habitat that you have prepared for your pet even before you have brought your guinea pig to your home, however.

One of the most essential elements that will affect your pet’s overall health is the diet that your pet enjoys every day. Since hay is the mains source of nutrition for your cavy, you need to make sure that your pet has unlimited access to the best hay for guinea pigs every single day.

Guinea pigs enjoy a variety of plant food sources, such as twigs, grass, shoots, even wild fruits. This ensures that a guinea pig in the gets it daily nutritional needs in its immediate environment. A domesticated cavy, on the other hand, is served with only a limited source of plant food that is available to owners like you, and it is essential that your pet’s diet should include an unlimited and free access to hay.

Fiber is an Essential Element to A Guinea Pig’s Diet

Your cavy needs a high fiber diet as it helps in the piggy’s digestive health. A healthy digestive tract allows digested food to move through the digestive system easily ensuring that your pet won’t have digestion-related concerns. To ensure that your pet won’t have any digestion problem, you need to provide hay that your pet can munch whenever it needs to.

Choosing the best guinea pig hay

Not all hay will be right for your cavy. The best hay for guinea pigs is one that is rich in fiber but has low calorie content. Remember that there are different types of hay, and there are types that has a high protein, calcium, as well as calorie content. Allowing your cavy to consume such type of hay will cause your pet to develop some health problems soon. Too much calorie intake will lead to overweight problems. However, those type of hay that contain high calcium and high protein content, is best served for pregnant and lactating moms, as well as for guinea pigs that are still growing. However, this will not be best suited for older guinea pigs. Offering an older cavy such foods will lead to some health issues later on.

Of the different types of hay for guinea pigs that are available online or at your local pet stores, one that should be offered to an adult guinea pig is the Timothy hay. Note that this type of hay has a high fiber content. However, its calcium and protein content are rather low. It also contains low calorie content than any other hays that may be provided to guinea pigs.

However, this does not mean that this type of hay will not be enough to provide the essential nutrients that your pet needs. Actually, Timothy hay contains all the necessary nutrients and fiber requirements that a guinea pig needs without the extra pound.

Timothy-grass was first cultivated by a local rancher named Timothy Hansen in 1720, hence the grass was named after him. This type of grass is cultivated across USA and Canada where it is commonly used as a staple forage hay for cattle and horses. It is also used to provide the dietary needs of small critters, rabbits, chinchillas, as well as guinea pigs.